Banbury Crematorium – Memorials

The Memorial Gardens

At Banbury Crematorium our aim is to provide a tranquil and comforting atmosphere with professional staff dedicated to providing every type of assistance you may need. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, so that you have all the information you require in order to make decisions at what can be a difficult time. We will do our utmost to help you choose the most appropriate memorial for your loved one.

Banbury Memorial Gardens

Memorials have provided focal points for remembrance and for the celebration of people’s lives for thousands of years. They also provide a lasting testament to the achievements, interests and personalities of those who have passed away. The memorial options we offer range from traditional rose trees to well-designed stone memorials created by local craftsmen.

It can be a great comfort to the bereaved to be able to visit a fitting memorial and to spend quiet time there in contemplation and reflection. The mature, award-winning Gardens of Remembrance here at Banbury Crematorium offer peace and tranquillity to both the bereaved and to the many visitors who come throughout the year to experience the beauty and serenity of our wonderful setting 
in the north Oxfordshire countryside.

Garden Memorials

Banbury Garden Memorials

Roses, Trees and Shrubs
It is possible to inter cremated remains at the foot of a dedicated rose, tree or shrub marking the final resting place. Alternatively, cremated remains may be strewn onto one of our dispersal lawns, whilst a rose, tree or shrub may be dedicated separately. A plaque is included for your own message of remembrance.

Octagonal Planter
An octagonal planter provides the opportunity for an inscribed tablet made from red granite to be set up following the dispersal of cremated remains on our lawns, or simply as a stand-alone memorial tribute.

Banbury Octagonal Planter

Interred Remains

Banbury Interred Remains 250We offer a carefully designed range of different types of memorials, beneath which remains can be interred.

One option is a polished black granite stone in the shape of an open book with a flower vase for fresh floral tributes incorporated into the memorial itself. These memorials have been made to our own design and are finished with gilt lettering. They have sufficient space to inter two sets of remains in the vault which is built under the memorial.

Another option is a memorial boulder, which also offers sufficient room for the interment of two sets of remains. The boulders are made from Portland stone and are finished with a polished black granite tablet onto which the chosen inscription is engraved by local craftsmen.

The book and boulder memorial plots are edged in stone and are finished with attractive stone chippings.

For those who desire a more informal setting, the dry riverbed area with its natural rock memorials may be the preferred option. The remains may be interred inside these natural rocks and a small inscribed plaque can be affixed.

Banbury Interred Remains

Private family gardens have been individually designed in selected areas and are finished with a stone memorial of your choice. Remains can be interred either under one of the book-style tablets, or above ground in a polished black granite vault. These memorials are finished with a weatherproof, glass-fronted case into which the chosen inscription is placed.

Dispersal Lawns

Banbury Dispersal LawnsLocated in a quiet, sheltered part of our grounds, the lawns are divided into separate sections, each representing one of the four seasons.

Relatives may select whichever seasonal section they prefer for the final resting-place of a loved one’s cremated remains. Tubs have been provided at the edge of each section for those wishing to leave fresh floral tributes and there are also memorial vase blocks available onto which an inscription can be engraved.

Cremated remains are usually strewn 28 days after the cremation, or by appointment for those wishing to witness the dispersal.

Garden benches are available for dedication in this area and, indeed, throughout the gardens.

Banbury Dispersal Lawns

Wall Tablets

Where a more formal memorial is required, a wall tablet offers an appropriate tribute. Made from green Westmorland slate and inscribed with gilt lettering, these tablets are mounted within the cloister and flower court area and are therefore protected from the elements.

The flower court offers a delightful place to sit and contemplate, whilst listening to the soothing sound of running water from the decorative water feature.

Banbury Wall Tablets

Cremated Remains

Cremated remains can be retained at the crematorium after the cremation has taken place to allow time for reflection regarding the most suitable manner of disposal. This can take various forms, including dispersal in the Garden of Remembrance or interment at the foot of a garden memorial. Further details are available from the crematorium office.

Banbury Cremated Remains

Personal Memorials

The choice of memorial is an extremely important and personal matter. Our experienced staff can provide advice and assistance to help those involved in making such decisions. At a private appointment you can talk through the range of possibilities that are available and can discuss personal requests for memorials and other options which may not be covered in this website.

Banbury Personal Memorials

Cards and Booklets

Banbury Wall TabletsYour individual entry can be reproduced in a unique memorial card or book, exactly as written in the Book of Remembrance. This reproduction can be used for personal significance, but it can also be useful to send to relatives and friends who are unable to see the Book of Remembrance in person.

Keepsake Jewellery

The tradition of keepsake jewellery goes back to the Middle Ages when ‘remember me’ jewellery was most often created by encasing a lock of hair in gold and silver pendants.

To be able to wear an elegant piece of jewellery containing a concealed token of your loved one’s cremated remains is a wholly appropriate, yet extremely discreet way of keeping your loved one close to you always. Beautifully designed along traditional lines and manufactured from solid 14-carat gold or sterling silver, keepsake jewellery is both fashionable and timeless.