Golders Green Crematorium – The Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance was opened for those of the Jewish faith in 1959. It houses the Scroll of Remembrance where the names of loved ones can be recorded in a month that has special meaning. Various lengths of entry are available, and can be further personalised by the addition of a floral emblem, or badge.

Oak panels are available in the Shrine for hand-painted or carved inscriptions, dedicated for periods ranging from ten to twenty years.

Golders Green The Shrine of Remembrance

For those wishing to commemorate loved ones with flowers, a bronze frame holds individual vases with an inscribed plaque. Flowers can be provided upon request, or a Yahrzeit candle ordered with flowers for a particular date. Special floral displays can also be ordered for anniversary dates, with a display card bearing the name of the deceased.