St Marylebone Crematorium – Memorials

The Gardens of Rest

Our aim in creating our Gardens of Rest has been to create a living memorial of great beauty that is personal to each and every visitor, and dedicated to every name recorded here.  Throughout the year there is a succession of colour, starting with out spring bulbs, blossom trees, azaleas and rhododendrons, followed by our roses and then the autumn colour of the shrubs, trees and maples.  Many people continue to visit the garden months, years, or even decades after they first came to commemorate a loved one here, and their devotion is a tribute to the peace and tranquillity of the grounds.

St Marylebone Garden of Rest

Roses, Trees and Shrubs

Memorial shrubs are available for dedication in many parts of the garden.  They include azaleas, rhododendrons, berberis, Andromeda, potentilla, acer and flowering cherries to name just a few.  The ashes may be buries at the foot of a shrub marking the final resting place, or alternatively a shrub may be dedicated as a memorial and the ashes strewn elsewhere in the garden.  Our Memorial Counsellor will gladly advise you of the shrubs that are currently available.

Many different kinds of ornamental trees and flowering shrubs have been selected to flower at different times of the year of have been chosen for their attractive leaf colour or berries to add interest, particularly at the time of a special anniversary.  There are a number of rose beds in the more formal part of the garden and an individual bush rose or a standard rose, which will flower year after year, may be your choice of memorial.

St Marylebone Roses Trees and Shrubs

The Willow Garden Cascade

As soon as you enter the beautiful south-facing Willow Garden you can sense its atmosphere of peace and serenity.  A water cascade runs through the middle of the terraced rose beds, whilst the wide variety of trees and shrubs around the more informal perimeter attract wildlife.  This sheltered and walled garden is an ideal setting for quiet contemplation.

St Marylebone - The gardens of Rest

The Parterre Garden

The Parterre Garden is a special feature at 
St. Marylebone Crematorium. This separate area in the gardens consists of individual family memorial plots, divided by miniature privet hedges and arranged in attractive designs. A Black Welsh slate tablet is supplied with each plot and can be inscribed and gilded as desired. Each plot is tended and maintained by our own gardeners and planted with seasonal blooms.

St Marylebone The Parterre Garden

Garden Plots

Situated in a quiet part of the grounds, these are similar to plots in the Parterre Garden but feature a pale stone tablet with dark lettering.

St Marylebone Garden Plots

Boulder Tablet Garden Plots

Set in a bed with a back drop of low wall and view over the Sunken Garden, these boulder tablet memorials can have up to two sets of ashes buried beneath them.

A gilded emblem on the marble stone inset is included in the price. Coloured emblems are available for a small premium.

Boulder tablets are also available in the grassed Cloisters area to the rear of the chapel.

Vase Blocks

These stone blocks with polished stone engraving are ideal for those who wish to leave cut flowers at their memorial. Either one or two sets of ashes can be buried at the rear of the block.

St Marylebone Vase Blocks

Alpine Plots

Our Alpine Plots are situated in a secluded corner of the grounds. Memorial plots here feature a shaped tablet fronted by large pebbles and are planted with alpine plants and covered with golden gravel. A vase is positioned at the front.

A gilded emblem or flower on the stone is included in the price of the memorial.

St Marylebone Alpine Plots and Bird Table

Bird Table Garden Memorial

This is a lovely memorial especially for those who love wildlife. they can be placed at various locations throughout our memorial gardens. The bird baths are made from Doulting Stone and recesses are cut into the stone for up to four plaques to be fitted. Up to four sets of ashes may be buried at this memorial.

Wall Tablets

A wall tablet is an appropriate tribute when a more formal memorial is required. Tablets are made of green or black slate, stone, or metal. The wall tablets are situated in the Cloisters, which enclose a grassed area with flowers, trees and a decorative fountain. Potted plants or flowers may be brought into the Cloisters and placed in troughs underneath the wall tablets.
Tablets may also be positioned on the walls surrounding the Willow Garden, and are ideal for those who wish to mark the position of a loved one whose ashes have been scattered below.

St Marylebone Wall Tablets

Memory Board

Situated in the Remembrance Room and made from solid oak the Memory Board makes a beautifully fitting natural tribute to a loved one. Each oak panel has space for two lines of script to be carved onto it.

St Marylebone Memory Board