St Marylebone Crematorium – The Columbaria

The Internal Columbarium
The Columbarium, or ‘House of Peace’, is reached through the Cloisters.  Sealed niches for the deposit of ashes are available around the walls, complete with a closing tablet for painted inscriptions.  Some open niches for the deposit of urns are also available.  Pot plants of flowers may be brought into the Columbarium.

St Marylebone The Columbaria

Leather Panels
These panels covered in dark blue leather, will take a gold hand-tooled inscription of upto seventy letters.  Leather panels are displayed in a mahogany frame in the Columbarium.

St Marylebone Leather Panels 2

The External Columbaria
The external landscaped Columbarium comprising individual niches, is a feature unique to St. Marylebone Crematorium. The granite niches are left in a natural finish apart from the front-sealing tablet. This is polished to allow for the addition of an appropriate cut and gilded or black inscription. The surrounding trees and shrubs in the Columbarium Grove lend an air of peace and tranquility to the location.

St Marylebone The External Columbaria

Spring Bulb Remembrance

The planting of spring bulbs is available as a lasting memorial.  Bulbs are planted in our willow garden, amongst the scatter areas.  They provide a carpet of colour in the spring months, and are a fitting memorial to those who have has their loved ones’ ashes scattered in our orders.

St Marylebone Spring Bulb Remembrance

Memorial Advisor

The choice of memorial in an extremely important and intensely personal matter.  To help people make the right choice, St. Marylebone Crematorium employs the services of a Memorial Counsellor who provides advice and assistance to those involved in making such decisions.  During a private interview, the Counsellor talks through the range of possibilities that are available and can discuss personal requests for memorials which are not covered by the standard options.

As well as our Memorial Counsellor, any other member of our team at St. Marylebone will also be willing and able to offer any help or advice that you may need.