The Garden of England Crematorium – Memorials

The Memorial Gardens
Our aim is to create a living memorial of great beauty that is personal to each and every visitor. Throughout the calendar year there will be a succession of colour, beginning in early Spring with crocuses, daffodils and tulips, all of which are synonymous with our crematoria. These are complemented by wild meadow flowers, flowering shrubs and blossom trees. Following on there is a stunning array of roses of many colours which takes us through Summer and into the glorious colours of Autumn. All these seasonal variations are set against a backdrop of undulating lawns, areas of quiet contemplation and picturesque water features.

Our gardens are still maturing but we hope that as they continue to flourish their natural beauty, enhanced by our ongoing development, will attract visitors at all times of the year.

Dispersal Lawns
Located near the chapel our dispersal lawns are divided into four separate sections, each with its own feature tree, symbolising one of the four seasons.

If requested, cremated remains will be scattered 28 days after the funeral has taken place, or alternatively, an appointment may be made for those who wish to be present to witness the dispersal.

Garden of England Dispersal Lawns

Personal Memorials
Garden of England Personal MemorialsThe choice of a memorial is an important and intensely personal matter. When your sense of loss is keenest, it needs to be expressed, and to be able to visit a personal memorial and spend some quiet time in thought can be a great comfort.

Our experienced memorial advisors are on hand to offer advice and provide assistance to those involved in making such decisions.

At a private appointment you can view the full range of available memorials and discuss any other options which may not be displayed in our brochure.

Roses and Shrubs
You may choose to have the cremated remains interred near the foot of a dedicated rose or shrub, to mark a loved one’s final resting place.

Alternatively, it is possible to have the remains strewn onto one of our dispersal lawns and dedicate a rose or shrub separately.

In each case, a plaque will be placed at the plant, with your personal message of remembrance.

Garden of England Roses and Shrubs

Specimen trees may be dedicated in the memorial gardens. Your personal tribute is carved onto a grey granite boulder, which is then placed at the foot of a tree.

Please note that we do not inter or scatter cremated remains at trees.

Garden of England Trees and Wall Tablets

Wall Tablets
Should you require a more formal style of memorial, a wall tablet offers an appropriate tribute.

Polished black granite 8 in x 4 in (20 cm x 10 cm) plaques inscribed with motifs and gilt lettering are mounted in our cloisters, sheltered and protected from the elements.

Garden of England Wall Tablets

Border Vase
Available in either black or grey  polished granite, a border vase provides an elegant garden memorial and fulfils the need for a focal point of remembrance, if the cremated remains have either been removed or scattered on our dispersal lawns.

Garden of England Border Vase and Boulder Plots

Boulder Plots
These options are specifically designed for those wishing to have the cremated remains interred in either a casket or an urn.

Boulder plots offer a natural-looking reconstituted granite stone, inset with a green slate plaque. This may be embellished with a motif, emblem or a ceramic photo and sufficient space is also provided for a personalised memorial inscription. An inset vase is provided for floral tributes. Up to two sets of cremated remains can be placed in a boulder plot.

Garden Vaults
Garden vaults offer an alternative above-ground niche, for the secure storage of caskets and urns and can easily accommodate two sets of cremated remains. Produced from the finest coloured granites, with a generous black polished fascia, there is a range of beautifully designed motifs available, with a bespoke design service should you not find exactly what you require. 
A rosebowl vase is incorporated in the design for arranging floral displays.

Garden of England Garden Vaults

Keepsake Jewellery
The tradition of keepsake jewellery goes back to the Middle Ages when ‘remember me’ jewellery was most often created by encasing a lock of hair in gold and silver pendants.

To be able to wear an elegant piece of jewellery containing a concealed token of your loved one’s cremated remains is a wholly appropriate, yet extremely discreet way of keeping your loved one close to you always. Beautifully designed along traditional lines and manufactured from solid 14-carat gold or sterling silver, keepsake jewellery is both fashionable and timeless.

Garden of England Keepsake Jewellery