Woking Crematorium – Memorials

The Garden of  Remembrance

There is little formality about the gardens at Woking Crematorium. For the most part, nature has been allowed to take its course, and the developed areas have been carefully designed so that the shrub beds and the natural woodland are complementary one to the other. Undulating lawns, woodland walks, winding paths, a lake, wild flowers, rose beds – all this in an atmosphere of quiet serenity which you sense as soon as you enter the gates.

Each Spring the gardens burst forth anew in a pageant of fresh colour. First the snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils, and then the beautifully coloured spring flowering shrubs such as rhododendrons, azaleas and camellias. Each season brings its own touch of beauty to comfort and encourage.

Woking The Garden of Remembrance

Ornamental Trees, Shrubs and Roses

Woking Ornamental Trees Shrubs and Roses 2Memorial shrubs are available for dedication in many parts of the garden and include azalea, rhododendron, berberis, pieris, potentilla and acer, to name but a few. One of these may be dedicated as a memorial, whether the ashes are to be interred at its foot (not in a container) or have been scattered elsewhere in the garden, marking the final resting place.

Various kinds of ornamental trees and flowering shrubs have been selected to flower at different seasons of the year or have been chosen for their attractive leaf colour or berries to add interest, particularly at the time of a special anniversary

There are a number of rose beds in the more formal part of the garden and an individual floribunda or hybrid tea rose, or perhaps a standard or climbing rose, which will flower year after year, may be your choice as a memorial.

Woking Ornamental Trees Shrubs and Roses

Woking The Dell Garden

Memorial Cards or Books

Your individual entry can be reproduced exactly as written in the Book of Remembrance in an individual Memorial Card or Book.

Woking Memorial Cards or Books

Leather panels

These are panels of dark blue leather with an inscription of up to seventy letters tooled in gold lettering.

Woking Leather Panels and Floral Dispay

Floral Display

Special floral displays can be ordered for show in the Main Chapel on the date nominated. The floral artist can include flowers of your choice and a card bearing the name of the deceased will be displayed beside the arrangement. If preferred a floral display can be provided and placed near the Books of Remembrance to commemorate an anniversary or special occasion.

Commemoration Vases

Flowers are the perfect expression of remembrance, and a floral scheme in the Chapel or Shrine of Remembrance allows visitors to memorialise their own posy vase. Each holds up to six stems and has a small plaque bearing the name and a short message.

The Lake

Our naturally formed lake is an idyllic place for quiet contemplation. It is home to many species of fish and wild fowl and provides a spectacular backdrop to Tennyson Lake Garden and The Dell.

Lakeside memorials include carefully selected, natural stone boulders and hardwood benches.

Woking The Lake

Boulder Memorials

Woking Boulder MemorialsThis popular memorial is made from natural stone, shaped by hand and includes a beautiful tablet made from green Westmorland slate. The inscription is craft finished with gilded lettering.

Benches and Seats

You can select and dedicate a bench or seat, to be located by agreement. Made of solid teak and maintained by our staff, this most durable of woods will give you years of pleasure.

Woking Benches and Seats

The Children’s Garden

An area of the remembrance garden has been designed specifically for babies and children.

Sympathetically landscaped, it provides for a range of suitable memorials including dedicated plaques on the feature statue, vase blocks, benches and rose bushes. Full details are contained in our seperate children’s brochure available from the office.

Children’s Book of Remembrance

A special Book of Remembrance devoted solely to babies and children is situated in the Shrine of Remembrance.

Memorial Advisor

The choice of a memorial is an intensely personal matter. Our Memorial Advisor is available to help those involved make such decisions. At a private appointment you can talk through the range of possibilities that are available and can discuss personal requests for memorials and options that are not covered in this brochure.

Service of Remembrance

Our annual Service of Remembrance is held each Summer in the gardens. All are welcome to attend the service, which is held on the first Sunday in July, commencing at 3pm.