The Garden of England Crematorium – Charges

FEES AND CHARGES EFFECTIVE 1ST APRIL 2017 to 31ST MARCH 2018 (VAT not applicable)

Adult 649.50
Medical Referee’s Fee 18.50
Environmental Surcharge (as recommended by the Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities) 53.00
Total: 720.00
30 minute service
 (9.00am-9.30am & 9.30am-10.00am)
 Inclusive of entry / exit and med ref fee & environmental surcharge
Total: 500.00
Child (5 to 16 years) (includes surcharges)
Child Under 5 years (includes Medical Referee’s Fee) 18.50
Stillborn Child (includes Medical Referee’s Fee) 18.50
Non-viable foetus No Charge
Body Part (includes Medical Referee’s Fee) 55.00
Saturday booking at 10am only
(available by special request, includes surcharges)
Cremated Remains
Retained on deposit for up to twelve months Included in cremation fee
Witnessing strewing of cremated remains 25.00
Strewing of cremated remains from elsewhere 15.00
Witnessing strewing of cremated remains from elsewhere 25.00
Forwarding to any location in the United Kingdom 40.00
Forwarding to another location Prices on Request
Provision of a dignified temporary container Included in cremation fee
Polished wooden caskets from 50.00
Urns and other forms of container Prices on Request
Additional Fees
Use of chapel for memorial service or double time slot 250.00