The London Cremation Company – About us

We are pleased to announce that we are improving the facilities at our Golders Green Crematorium. 

Starting on Monday 7th June 2021, we will be refurbishing the car park areas to enhance the experience for our visitors, which we intend to complete throughout June 2021.

During this time our ‘Gardens of Remembrance’ and all other services will be open as normal.  There will be a degree of noise disruption and some inconvenience with regard to access. We have added informative signage at the entrance of the site to indicate these changes, and if you would like any further information, then please contact our office on: 0208 455 2374 or email us on:

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


                                            COVID 19 NOTICE

Our Crematoriums are open with the appropriate safeguards in place to help manage the risk that COVID-19 presents to our customers and team members.

Following the latest government guidance that takes effect from Monday 17th May 2021, we have increased the maximum number of mourners that can legally attend a funeral. Previously this was limited to 30 and our Crematorium managers have since introduced a new maximum based upon social distancing guidelines. This limit is site specific and will increase on average to around 50 mourners per cremation. For specific information we recommend that you contact the individual crematorium of your choice.

Throughout the pandemic our beautiful remembrance gardens have been meticulously maintained for the benefit of mourners and for the general public to enjoy during their recreational time. You are welcome to visit these during our designated opening times and to reassure you, we have applied a range of COVID-19 protocols to keep you safe. Social distancing rules apply outside, inside our chapels and associated building. Our Funeral directors also operate a ‘track and trace’ register prior to a funeral taking place. Additionally, and in line with government guidance, mourners must wear a ‘face covering’ inside our facilities.

Our Crematorium teams will be very pleased to assist you with any additional queries upon request.



The London Cremation Company plc is Great Britain’s oldest cremation authority and its principal activities are carrying out cremations and providing memorials at its crematoria.

It owns and operates crematoria at Woking, Surrey, Great Britain’s first crematorium, its most famous at Golders Green in London, St Marylebone in London, Banbury in North Oxfordshire,  Garden of England in Sittingbourne, Kent, and Thames View Crematoria and Cemetery in Gravesend Kent.

The ultimate parent undertaking is The Cremation Society of Great Britain (a registered charity no. 209978) which is a company limited by guarantee, incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales.  The Cremation Society of Great Britain is this Company’s controlling party.