Useful Links

FBCA - Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities (FBCA) provides services to the owners and operators of cemeteries and crematoria across the whole of the UK.


ICCM - Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

The ICCM was founded in 1913 and since that time has provided policy and best practice guidance to Burial and Cremation authorities, its Corporate members.


CSGB - The Cremation Society of Great Britain

The Society, a registered charity, not conducted for profit, was established in 1874. It is the pioneer of cremation in Great Britain and built and operated the very first crematorium for public use, in 1885 in Woking, Surrey.


APCC - The Association Of Private Crematoria And Cemeteries

The prime aim of the Association is to provide quiet surroundings for the bereaved by ensuring that the highest professional standards are applied to every aspect of cremations and cemetery services.