St Marylebone Crematorium – The Remembrance Room

St Marylebone The Book of RemembranceThe Book of Remembrance
The Book of Remembrance is located in our Remembrance Room, which is just off the oak-panelled vestibule in the main entrance and open 365 days a year.  The book is opened at the page for the day, although a particular entry may be viewed on request.

An entry in the book is a lasting memorial and an opportunity to create an individual and personal tribute.  The volume are designed by craftsman, hand-bound in vellum, and lettered and tooled in gold.  Inscriptions and motifs are hand-written and illuminated in the tradition of medieval manuscripts.  Emblems and badges are hand-drawn and coloured individually by artists.  Entries may be made under the date of death or any other significant date.

Commemoration Vases
Flowers are the perfect expression of remembrance, and a floral scheme in the Remembrance Room allows visitors to lease their own bronze posy vase with a small plaque bearing the name and a short message.

St Marylebone Memorial Cards and Commemoration Vases

Memorial Cards and Booklets
Remembrance cards with hand-executed copies of original inscriptions presented within the cover design of this booklet are available in tasteful presentation wallets.  Alternatively, miniature booklets with natural parchment skin covers can be supplied with the hand-copied inscription inside.