The Garden of England Crematorium – The Chapel

The chapel has been designed to overlook our wild flower meadow and pond. The vista changes with the seasons from being bright and colourful during late Spring and Summer, with an array of wild flowers and grasses, to freshly mown hay in late Summer and Autumn, which is allowed to lie for a short period of time to give next year’s seed time to set. Throughout the Winter months the earth lies dormant until the warmth of the Spring sunshine restarts the cycle.

Garden of England The Chapel

Comfortable seating for up to 110 mourners is provided, and a large lobby with loudspeakers and viewing windows can easily accommodate as many again.

Disabled parking and disabled toilet facilities are close by, and an induction loop system has been installed for the hard of hearing.

Everything is on one level making our site user-friendly for the less able-bodied and there is a wheelchair available from our reception on request.