Golders Green Crematorium


Face Coverings:

In line with recent government guidance from 8 August, face coverings are required to be worn in all our Crematoria by Mourners, Funeral Directors, their staff  and also Ministers and celebrants.

This doesn’t apply to children under the age of 11.     

Ministers and Celebrants should wear face coverings while liaising with chapel staff, mourners before and after the service (whilst indoors) but may be removed during the service if they are more than 2 metres away from mourners.

Our staff will also be required to wear face coverings in the chapels when managing/co-ordinating the chapel services.   

Singing: There is a no singing policy.     

With regret this year’s Jewish  Service of Remembrance and Service of Remembrance has been cancelled due to Covid 19-restrictions on mass gatherings.

The gardens are now open 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Sunday.

Please observe social distancing rules.

Funerals can be attended no more than 30 mourners in the West Chapel and no more than 20 in the East Chapel from Monday 6th July 2020.

Visits to the various Columbaria are by appointment only, however due to the continued restrictions of the COVID 19 pandemic we are currently not taking any appointments. We will update the website when it is possible to make appointments again.

Chapel of Memory and the Jewish Shrine  are open from 9am to 4pm each day.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this difficult and unprecedented time.

The London Cremation Company plc

The following pages describe the kinds of memorial available at Golders Green Crematorium, and what arrangements can be made for the final resting place of the cremated remains. We very much hope that one of them may be in sympathy with your own feelings.

When your sense of loss is keenest, it needs to be expressed. To be able to visit a personal memorial and spend a quiet time in thought can be a great comfort.

You are welcome to visit the Garden of Rest and the Chapel of Memory at any time during the hours when the crematorium is open. We hope that you will feel something of the peace that is associated with Golders Green.

If you would like further information or advice, the Memorial Counsellors or other members of the crematorium staff will be glad to help.

The Garden of Rest

Our aim in creating the twelve-acre Garden of Rest has been to establish a living memorial of great beauty that is personal to each and every visitor, and dedicated to every name recorded here.

Every March and April spring arrives, bringing a variety of fresh colour. First the crocuses appear, tens of thousands of them, then the beautiful spring-flowering shrubs such as azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons. These are followed in May and June by the vibrant colours of the roses.

Many people continue to visit the gardens months, years or even decades after they first came to commemorate a loved one here, and their devotion is a tribute to the peace and tranquillity found in these grounds.